Saturday, June 16, 2018

2018- First post and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Guys!~


oh my, its been 6 month from the last post guys! hahah.

i miss blogging, but i donno what to write anymore.

btw, i just turn 31 last 16 days. I feel more matured especially when i read back all my writing from the previous year. hahahahah...

kemain x matang lagi kau ye!

ive been transfered to Melaka back after 1 and half year in KL. alhamdulillah.

im still single guys! hahahahah..

owh, in this raya season, i just got 1 question during this 2 days eid celebration.

" bila nak kahwin?"

so i would like to write about this topic in this post.

1. 1 blogger that ive known for quite a long time ( in maya) that really giving 'fuck' to married life, just GOT MARRIED!! goshhhhh... i think that he is now around 40an and just got married. owh man!! thats make me believe that actually - jodoh itu ada, cuma lambat dengan cepat je and somehow, someday, one day, there will come someone into your life that really into you! masa tu semua ke-tidak-logik-kan yang kau rasa tentang dunia perkahwinan seems not legit at all.


insyaAllah my time will come.

** not that im not believe in marriage life, but i met so many fuckup guys in my life before. hahah.. and i feel like im not worth it to anyone.

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