Wednesday, February 22, 2017


i really got pissed off,

like really!

rasa macam ' dah la, i give up!!'

i taknak dah. stop it.

dalam sujud i siap doa " ya Allah, bantu aku lupakan dia"

all this while, the Doa has never stop saying your name.

now its changed.

dah laaa. i dah xnak harap apa2. its killing me.

and somehow,
a single text saying " hye u"

make my heart suddenly melting again!
suddenly i understand u. i understand the craziness of buzy-ness of your job!
somehow, i understand that u are away not because you try avoiding me (as i think u did)
but u are really having a hectic life.

then suddenly my heart just as soft as butter and i reply back" u can do it."
and ' i trust u." dalam hati.

haish laaaa.
if you wanna stop, then stop plssss.
jangan main2.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Because Allah knows Best

takpelah kalau dia taknak awak pon, ok?
you had faced this before.
u are matured enough to see all the hint,

Allah kan ada?


Wednesday, February 8, 2017


hye bloggers!

I get back my morning wish!
I get it back after so long. 2 months long!

He didnt know that its really make me happy!

Haha. At least for now😊

Even if, if, this not gonna work out,
Between us,

I just want you to know, that i am really happy that somehow every morning u still think of me, when u wake up.



Thursday, January 26, 2017

Clash sebelum birthday


Just nak tanya, kalau u have been planning for quite sometimes for your love's one birthday,

Macam surprise delivery to his/her office, atau u dah siap2 beli hadiah sebab u know, kite excited terlebih nak buat pasangan kita happy, at the end,relationship tu macam x jadi.

Macam diambang kemusnahan.macam dia dah x berminat lagi nak layan u,

So, atas dasar masih sayang, adakah u akan pos jugak /beri jugak hadiah harijadi tu pada dia?

Katakan surprise delivery tu pon uols dah byr, then nak cancelkan ke?

Atau proceed je macam biasa sbb after all, u mmg buat benda tu dengan ikhlas.

Ke camne?

Monday, December 19, 2016



so, i still cant get over my stress and dispression yet. i start feeling sad during night, almost everyday now.

right now, i really need someone to talk too, but i donno who. seems everyone who i used to talk too seems boring if they hear me talking about the same problem over and over again. hehe

its about my relationship! hurm.. i swear that i miss him sooo damn much, but unfortunately i cant say it out loud. i try to, but i just cant.

he seems ignored me for a month now, it just make me sad more. u know, when the time that actually i really need him around me.

i just moved in to KL, the city that i hate the most. i hate my house right now but i dont have choice too. its pretty close to everything but its kindda not attract me at all.

i got stress with my job right now, first time in 4 years i seriously update my resume and start sending my resume to several company now.

but, seriously,

i need him. now. :'(

its make me question that what i do wrong this time around?

well, yes, i admit that maybe im too hope for his existance. I wish that he is the one and the last one, tapi malangnye macam x je:'(

maybe sikap i yang kuat merajuk, attention seeker, (i just need his attention, thats all) and kuat membebel ( i usually call him and talk for hours, maybe sebab tu dia boring dengan i)

its make me really sad and frustrated now. hurmm.

secara sungguhnya, i memang nak luahkan sesuatu dengan someone right now. i really really really need someone to talk to. :'(

well, He came to my life first, and i tot its gonna be fun again, and u know, being like any other sweet couple. hurmmm..

i nak je rasa semula keluar dating,
bergayut lame2.

silly me.

im sorry....
i ruined the 'we' things.

i hope u give me a chance. at least one more.

or at least, if you dont want me,
just say it.

jangan hang in, buat i tertanye2. at least help me to move on and find someone else supaya i tak tertunggu2.

boleh x?

*i getting older, and too bad im too old for someone else. sedihnyee. :'(

just another bad luck in relationship again.

semoga Allah kuatkan hati i, macamana i sembunyikan dari orang lain sekarang ni. amin.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Anxiety Disorder


i really need someone to talk to.

like REALLY!!!

and i really hope it was u.



Wednesday, December 7, 2016