Wednesday, February 22, 2017


i really got pissed off,

like really!

rasa macam ' dah la, i give up!!'

i taknak dah. stop it.

dalam sujud i siap doa " ya Allah, bantu aku lupakan dia"

all this while, the Doa has never stop saying your name.

now its changed.

dah laaa. i dah xnak harap apa2. its killing me.

and somehow,
a single text saying " hye u"

make my heart suddenly melting again!
suddenly i understand u. i understand the craziness of buzy-ness of your job!
somehow, i understand that u are away not because you try avoiding me (as i think u did)
but u are really having a hectic life.

then suddenly my heart just as soft as butter and i reply back" u can do it."
and ' i trust u." dalam hati.

haish laaaa.
if you wanna stop, then stop plssss.
jangan main2.



  1. Hehe.
    Mesti fikir macam - macam kan? Itu namanya jeles + rindu + macam2 feeling.
    Saya doakan semoganya baik - baik belaka. Fikirkan yang baik - baik. Doakan yang baik - baik.

    1. sensei, saya lupa saya penah pos ni. and as it is, he did it again. this time worst.

      and i decided to stop. stop contacting and stop hoping. i just want to stop loving someone and hoping for love. i gave up. lets enjoy being single and i never wish that im gonna met the right person, asap. :'(